Angel's Power Ltd., and Danielle House do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, veteran's status, political affiliation, or religion.


Awards and Recognition

Fox 5 Shining Star Recipiant

Lori Power was presented with the Fox 5 Shining Star Award in partnership with Fairway Chevrolet. It was an emotional interview and had many at the dealership in tears. Since this segment aired, we have received many calls from members of the community expressing their support.

Winner Channel 3 Make a Difference

Lori received the Make a Difference award by Channel 3 News, Las Vegas  in 2017 for her work with incest victims and families. 

Recognized by Channel 13 Give Back Winner

In 2017, Executive Director Lori Power was honored by Channel 13 as their weekly winner of their Give Back Award.  She went on to the win Give Back Winner for that month.  

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Angel's In Action

Photos of APL staff and events.

Article in The View.

Lori Power speaking at

American's for Prosperity Luncheon.

Supporters Jimmy West and Colleen Good attend APL mixer January 2016

Angel's Lori Power and Debbie Hart prepare for a fundraising event.

Images from our annual Halloween party and Haunted House. 

From left to right, Joella Bernas, Lori Power and Robin Corbin at a fundraising event in partnership with Alex and Ani at the Boulevard Mall, Las Vegas, NV.

APL President, Danielle Power at her graduation ceremony from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Hollywood, CA.

Lori Power - Interview for The View.

Lori Power (far right) receiving the Give Back Award from Channel 13 and American First Bank. 

Lori Power being presented the Shining Star Award by Fox 5 and Fairway Chevrolet.

Lori Power gathering votes in support of Marsy's Law

Pictured above is the Clark County, Board of County Commissioners acknowledging victims rights advocates at the October 2, 2018 BCC Meeting.  Lori Power of Angel’s Power Ltd is fifth from the right.

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