Angel's Power Ltd., and Danielle House do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, veteran's status, political affiliation, or religion.


About Us.

Lori Power


Executive Director

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Lori began a journey to end incest and child sexual abuse after it was discovered that her daughter was being molested by her new husband.  

Her life was turned upside down as she now fought to put the man she married in prison and struggled with the reality of losing custody of her daughter.


Devastated Lori decided that she would go back to school at  50 years old to earn a degree in Health and Human Services.  She was determined to help other families stay together as they recover and become survivors.

With her Bachelors Degree and a handfull of dedicated volunteers she started Angel's Power Ltd., in April 2015.  She continues to work long hours directing every aspect of the day to day operations in Las Vegas and is working toward opening a shelter in Hollywood, CA.

Danielle Power



Contact Danielle by email

Danielle is the inspiration behind the Danielle House shelter.  After she was victimized by her stepfather, she was further traumatized  ​when she was removed from her mothers home.   The purpose of the Daniel House is to keep family members together during this already difficult time. 

Danielle recently graduated from the prestigious American Academy of the Dramatic Arts.  She resides in California where she is perusing a career in the movie industry as well as serving as the President of Angle's Power Ltd., and Danielle House.

Educating those at risk is her number one priority.  In addition, Danielle is studying the effectiveness of alternative medicine such as  holistic remedies, essential oils and medical marijuana as future treatment options. 


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